Sam Kristofski shoots new videos for Parisian fashion icon Maison Margiela
Sam Kristofski shoots new videos for Parisian fashion icon Maison Margiela

Posted 5 Apr 2018

Curious director Sam Kristofski has recently created some new slick digital assets, dripping in couture for Parisian fashion icon Maison Margiela.

The videos are a collaboration with Purple Magazine and musical duo Die Antwood who star alongside their daughter Sixteen Jones.

Margiela has been defining fashion trends since the early nineties and continues to dominate fashion on a global scale.

Says Kristofski: "Die Antwoord, are some of the most inspiring artists I have ever worked with. Since then, Ninja will often call me at random times with film ideas he wants to make and every idea I want to shoot."

Kristofski also just directed a film collaboration between The Vista and The Horse two of Australia's most followed travel brands.

Having directed TVCs and digital content for many brands including: Visa, Coca Cola, Uniqlo, Mentos and Pepsi, Kristofski is an emerging talent to watch.

Kristofski has directed fourteen music videos in the last year alone for artists across The States, Australia and New Zealand.

Notable clips include The Babe Rainbow Monkey Disco, Pond Fire In The Water, City Calm Down Blame, and New Zealand's latest pop sensation, Nakita Sucka. 

Kristofski has a keen eye on interesting and dynamic ways to utilise the camera creating a slick, stylised perfection.

Based between New Zealand, Los Angeles and Sydney, Kristofski is represented by Curious Film for his commercial work.


Originally posted: Campaign Brief