Curious Film Signs Tarantino Muse Zoë Bell
Curious Film Signs Tarantino Muse Zoë Bell

Posted 20 Dec 2016

Curious Film signs Tarantino muse Zoë Bell


Curious Film has signed Zoë Bell to its directorial roster.

The Uma Thurman fight scenes in Kill Bill are impossible to forget. They're Zoë Bell as a stunt performer. The woman known as "Quentin Tarantino's muse" has also worked with him on The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Death Proof and Kill Bill 2.

Bell is Hollywood royalty. An actor. A producer. And a director.

"You care about her, you love her, you're charmed to pieces by her," Tarantino stated following the launch of Death Proof.
She has had a documentary, Double Dare, made about her. And a retrospective hosted by The New York Museum of Modern Image, Zoë Bell: From Stuntwoman to Star.

Says Matt Noonan, executive producer and managing partner, Curious Film: "She has probably spent more days on set at the pointy end of the camera than all the commercial directors in Australasia put together."

The New Zealander with vast talents and international renown has just become a director for Curious Film.

"Zoë and I have known each other since forever," Noonan continued. "We caught up on the Thor set when I was visiting Taika. When we started talking about developing projects together, I couldn't resist asking if she was interested doing commercials. I had expected Zoe to have a very high level of technical expertise but I was blindsided by her ideas and creativity, and blown away by her enthusiasm." 

Directing was a natural next step for Bell, who had worked as a producer and executive producer on genre films since 2013. During those four years, she came to realise how much knowledge she had assimilated from working with directors like Tarantino, Shane Black (on Iron Man 3) & Taika Waititi (on Thor Rangorak) but also how strongly compelled she felt to direct and write.

Bell has returned to New Zealand and will shoot her first TVC, a six-day shoot, in January.

Says Bell: "To be back working where it all began. To work on more and more scripts. To demonstrate what I'm capable of. I live for this."

Adds Noonan: "To say I'm stoked she said yes would be an understatement. Zoë is used to collaborating with the best creative talent in Hollywood, but she's kept close to her connections in NZ. I'm thrilled to be her producer, to surround her with a team that will support and challenge her, a team I know she will connect with and who will have her back. 2017 is going to be a great year."