Curious Achieves Gender Balanced Roster
Curious Achieves Gender Balanced Roster

Posted 18 Jun 2019

Curious Film is proud to announce they have achieved a gender balanced directorial roster. With this being a long term goal for the company, Founder Matt Noonan and Managing Director Kate Roydhouse have worked diligently to get there. Curious is one of the first major production companies in New Zealand to do so.

While the objective for Curious has always been to support and represent a gender balanced roster, the challenge was in finding the uniquely creative, talented, powerful voices to help build a strong and well-rounded roster.

It’s a subject that is extremely important to Curious, and they continue to show their support through organisations such as Free the Bid. At Spikes Asia in 2018 Managing Director and Executive Producer Kate Roydhouse, discussed actionable change within the advertising and production industry around gender equality.

“While this is an industry I love and respect, gender equality has not always been justly highlighted and discussed. However, this is a priority for me, and Curious. When working on building a gender balanced roster, we were very conscious of not being tokenistic, but really finding those amazingly talented, unique voices that deserve to be recognised and represented. I’m proud to say, we have achieved this.” Says Roydhouse.


Originally published on Campaign Brief.